Life on planet Jumbadoe had been peaceful for many years. Generations of Monsta lived together happily and care free. There was nothing to worry about. Unfortunately everything was about to change. The Monsta scientists who were working the south end weather station could not believe what they had just witnessed. They ran their data multiple times, but the results were the same over and over again; A meteorite crash was inevitable.

The data suggested that their beloved planet Jumbadoe would not survive. Luckily, years of research had shown that a habitable planet existed not too many light years away and was called "Earth". All Male Monsta got on their rocketships, loaded supplies, loaded Monsta Eggs and left in search of their new home. The journey went well and little problems occurred along the way. When entering Earth’s atmosphere however, the change in air composition caused most of the loading dock doors to fail, scattering Monsta Eggs all over the surface of this new planet. Since haste was required, the Male Monsta decided to leave the Monsta Eggs scattered around the planet. Their first and foremost task was to find a place they and their beloved Female Monsta could escape the doom that waited for them on planet Jumbadoe.

Monsta Story

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coming soon

Our P2E game will be based on the well-known game "Pokemon Go", where players will be able to wander the real world and encounter Monsta-Eggs. These eggs will contain rubbish most of the time, but some contain unique prizes like cryptocurrency, NFTs, physical merchandise and more. Everyone will be able to play our game and find prize-containing eggs, but only NFT holders will be able to actually claim their prizes.


Storyline introduction
Male Monsta have entered earth's atmosphere looking for a new life and companionship. It is their lifelong dream to inhabit a planet alongside the original inhabitants and they are more than ready to get comfortable.


Male Monsta
We’re introducing our first Male Monsta NFTs.


Introduction Mini-Games
We’re introducing a couple of smaller games in which players will have the opportunity to earn points. These points will grant players useful items for our P2E game in phase 3.


Female Monsta
Female Monsta have found a way to leave their home planet and found their way to Earth safely. They are very excited to be reunited with their beloved Male Monsta. We're introducing our Female Monsta NFTs.


P2E Game
Monsta Eggs have scattered all around earth. Go outside and try to encounter as many as you can. Are you lucky enough to find a Monsta Egg? If you are, you will be rewarded accordingly.


Baby Monsta
Most Monsta Eggs contain rubbish, but some may contain cryptocurrency, merchandise or even Baby Monsta


mint your monsta